TH8 Army Composition and the Clash of Clans APK

Players of Clash of Clans who has their town hall level at 8 is now at power position. They have unlocked lots of units and armies that when built within the village, can greatly protect it from enemy raids. If you are one of these players who are looking for strategies in terms of the army composition for TH8 then you are in the right place. This article will give you some recommendations for the army composition at your level. Combined with the use of the Clash of Clans apk, you can really level up your game and compete with very powerful players. Loot Stealing Army The resource army for TH8 is the army that will help you gain lots of loot from enemy bases. The recommended resource army for TH8 is composed of giants, archers, goblins, and wall breakers. Just make sure to position these armies where the resources can be easily obtained so that you will be able to steal as much loot as possible. Trophy Accumulation Army The trophy army for TH8 is the army that will help you win raids an…